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Welcome to the website of the Spanish Macroprudential Authority Financial Stability Council (AMCESFI)

The AMCESFI is Spain’s national authority responsible for identifying, preventing and mitigating the development of systemic risk and, thereby, ensuring the sustainable contribution of the financial system to economic growth. Since its creation in March 2019, the AMCESFI regularly brings together high-level representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Enterprise, the Banco de España and the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) for the purpose of engaging in monitoring and coordinated analysis of sources of systemic risk affecting the stability of the Spanish financial system. The AMCESFI is entrusted with powers to issue opinions, warnings and recommendations in the area of macroprudential analysis and policy.

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Royal Decree 102/2019 Abre en nueva ventana

of 1 March 2019 creating the Spanish macroprudential authority (AMCESFI), establishing its legal regime and implementing certain aspects relating to macroprudential tools